Around 1997 or 1998 my dad was asked by a gentleman if he was interested in selling furniture, playsets, and storage sheds here.  At the time my dad thought that would be a wonderful plan.  They then started a Business called Mahoning Lawn Structures. Shortly after when I was out of school and on the weekends I would come and help my dad.  In 2002 after I graduated I helped more as time with my other job allowed.  In 2006 when I was expecting our first child I helped full time here as that was all I could do.   Ever since then I worked along side my dad learning the Business.  In 2018 my father became very ill right before Christmas.  At that time I was glad I had sat by and learned so much from my dad.  In 2019 my father turned the Business over to me and we became Countryside Lawn Structures.  To this day we still strive to meet your needs in what you are looking for in quality product.  Please stop out we would be glad to help you as best as we can.